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This is a personal interpretation. A gathering of brief, almost instant moments of time. Covering the whole spectrum of subjects, ranging from natural forces to classical buildings.

You may ask... Are there any common factors holding together, tying in the elements of this gallery? I would say definitely yes. First of all, Sunlight is absolutely essential. Where there is no light, there is no Photography. At all.

What about Composition? Turns out finding pleasant, subtle visual arrangements is a personal must. So there you have another key factor.

Thirdly, but not less important, is Minimalism. Framing only the purest and the essential is a challenge I am constantly facing. Discarding what is left is not easy and might be confusing, trust me.

By the end of the day, knowing you are loyal to your own principles is what gives you a massive inner-satisfaction.

So... Do you want to know how all of this applies to my Photography?

Have a seat, listen to some music and take a look at this gallery. Maybe you find a perfect match for your home.


"My intention is to let the viewer dive into a minimal and innovative approach to the extraordinary world surrounding us. Looking for clean patterns, interesting light and fresh textures, my gallery comprises a wide spectrum of landmarks holding untamed beauty"


Patricio Albamonte



The gallery's latest mini-series

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Pursuing and acquiring new knowledge. Constantly.

Proudly announcing to be the winner of the scholarship on Drew Doggett's signature course: Mastering the Business of Fine Art Photography. 

Drew is one of the most renowned fine art photographers out there. He has won over 100 international awards and the only one who has designed this one-of-a-kind course. Attending this webinar meant a huge honor for me, and the possibility of visualizing a sustainable future relying on my most creative aspects.

Not your daily print.

A collection including limited series, remote landmarks, and the finest paper quality. Curate your home with unique and timeless compositions.

Another point of view.

Experience an innovative, minimal approach to the world that surrounds us. Dive into fresh textures, clean patterns, soft light, you name them. All the series you see on this gallery are out there, ready to be found.  


Tiny alleys, colossal mountains. 

Ranging from the colorful streets of a Caribbean city to massive mounts on the Andean Range, finding a perfect match for your home won't be that hard. A wide spectrum, including: tropical ethereal forests, ocean textures, cotton clouds, snowy pointy peaks and other landmarks of untamed beauty.

I'm always seeking for this particular, brief lapse of time when compositions simply pop up. I just see the camera as an intermediate between the image I'm picturing and what lies out there. My intention is to get a shot which is a trustworthy reflection of what I'm picturing on my mind.

The whole gallery is based on this personal principle.

Do you want to know about the eye behind the lens? Here, let me show you.

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