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From the Northernmost part of the country, comes a brand new multispectral series. The province of Jujuy does not only provide breathtaking scenery, but also rich culture that has been merging for more than 10.000 years. Explore its misty tropical forests, the cozy adobe houses, the desolate altitude desserts and an incredible cultural legacy. Most of the series' footage belongs to a trek which roams around ancient Indigenous roads. This is the result of spending a week deep in the backcountry. Come in and take a look.


Province of Jujuy, Northern Argentina

December 2020

Sony A7R III, it is the first series to be entirely shot in a full frame camera.

The series includes footage from a 4 day-long trek, passing through native people territory

Full spectrum

The captured footage includes breathtaking compositions in colorful valleys, harsh Andean highlands and deep tropical forests. There are not many trails which can offer such a wide variety of landscapes in 50 miles.

Never-ending legacy

The area has been a crossroads for diverse cultures for more than 10.000 years, specially the mythical Quebrada de Humahuaca. Marked Inca trails are still being used today by locals.

Some communities are settled down deep in the mountain. They generally have to travel for two or three days to get to the closest road or school. Goods are scarce and often carried by mules. As challenging as it may seem, locals have gotten used to it and live autonomously, without any major shortages.

Ancla 1


Consisting of 13 different images, shot in Jujuy, North-Western Argentina. The footage was entirely captured with a Sony A7R III at 42 megapixels RAW uncompressed files. Click on the images to expand them.


Prints available.

A4 size sold as open editions in triptychs.

A2 and bigger sizes are sold as a limited edition of 20 copies per image.

Please, let me know if you need another print size or a different aspect ratio.

'Hornocal' is also available as a panoramic artwork.

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