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Golden grasslands and dim orange forests sit both below the threatening clouds and the youngest portion of the Andean Range.

Proudly introducing one of the flagship series of the Gallery.

Shot entirely in one of the most remote spots you can find on the whole Patagonian Geography. More than a 100 miles away from the closest town, lacking mobile reception and carrying supplies for three days, the hike was a particular kind of challenge. Step into a mesmerizing area of ever-changing colors, extreme weather conditions and a variety of contrasting vegetation. 

Azara brings to light the absolute apogee of a memorable journey through a distant section of the Southern vast lands.  


Azara Circuit

47°53′45.026″S 72°5′33.054″W

Azara Circuit, Southern Patagonia, Argentina

March 2021

Sony A7R III, the series is entirely shot in a full frame camera.

The series includes footage from a 3 day-long-trek through the most remote National Park in the country.

A rough gateway


A 55 mile-long gravel road separates the Park's entrance from the National Route 40. Only making one's way into the park is a major task. You might look into flat tires, broken gas filters or even suspension issues.  

Patagonia. In a nutshell

This is the longest trek you will find in the National Park. Although it normally takes less than 3 days to complete it, you can find practically the entirety of Southern Patagonia's different environments. The first kilometers occur in the ocher steppes. As you get closer to the circuit's end, lush Magellanic forests narrow the path and glaciers are close at hand. 


Technically speaking, the circuit is not hard at all. You are looking into 35 miles without major slopes. The path is clearly marked and nights are spent in mountain huts. However, during the length of the hike, I faced terrible weather conditions. Snow during an entire day, persistent gusts of wind (one of them took off my glasses) and rain showers never faded away. As rough as it may seem, these kind of difficulties provided a huge reward: unique light. Up next when you see the Series' photos, you will observe how the sunlight leaking through the dark clouds emanate a particular and unprecedented beauty.

Whoever visited Patagonia knows you can not ignore its unique and temperamental Meteorology. 

Would you like to know more about the trek? I wrote down a blog entry so you get to know the back and forth of this journey.

Azara serie


Consisting of 6 different images, shot in Southern Patagonia, Argentina.


The footage was entirely captured with a Sony A7R III at 42 megapixels. The photos are RAW uncompressed files. Click on them to expand.


Prints available.

A4 size (smallest) sold as an open edition in triptychs.

A2 and bigger sizes as a limited edition of 20 copies per image.

Please, let me know if you need another print size or a different aspect ratio.

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