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An astonishing view from the Mariano Moreno Range, where the tallest peaks emerge from the depths of the Ice.

The Mariano Moreno mountain range rises over the core of the Ice Field. The majority of this frozen surface is still disputed between Argentina and Chile.

PA Photography coldly welcomes you to the Southern Patagonian Ice Field, the biggest frozen extension outside the poles. Views here seem to be taken out of a sci-fi movie, with glaciers and massive mountain ranges meeting the horizon. Endless, spectacular sights and unique glacial textures are close at hand. Getting a brand new series done in this kind of environment was tremendously challenging. Here is the final result: A one-of-a-kind fine art series, entirely shot at World's edge, reminding us the importance of protecting this fragile and yet truly mesmerizing environment.


Southern Patagonian Ice Field

49°23'39.8"S 73°07'08.1"W Southern Patagonian Ice Field, near the Argentinian-Chilean border.

December 2021

Sony A7R III, the series is entirely shot in a full frame camera.

The series includes footage from a 4 day-long-trek which enables a proper observation of the Ice cap.

The hardest trek up to date.

The Huemul Circuit comprises a four-day, 50 mile-long trek through a remote section of a natural reserve. Before leaving town, you untie the national park staff from rescue responsibilities and acknowledge you are entering a wild, untamed stretch of Patagonia. Most of the hikes on the area can be completed with no major difficulty in a day. However, to conclude the loop, two zip lines must be crossed and a glaciar needs to be traversed in order to reach the highlight of the trek: The Ice Cap. Mobile reception and camp facilities are definitely out of the equation.

Setting all up before crossing the first zip line.

A distant planet.

This ice cap ranks third on the biggest frozen surfaces list, only surpassed by the ones covering Antartica and Greenland. Active volcanoes, peaks with impossible shapes and the 49 glaciers located at the edges are the ones shaping  its' unique morphology.

In order to reach the Ice Field's balcony, you need to make all your way up to the mythical 'Paso del Viento'. Views from here provide an outer-world experience.

Nothing but teamwork.

Having a successful hike wasn't a coincidence. I joined forces with a group of friends from all across the country, with two of them being also fellow photographers. Everyone added their grain of sand and made the experience way more enjoyable. Memories made here will definitely last for a lifetime.

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Reaching the trek's end with a fantastic view of Mount Fitz Roy. 

A picture of the group during the third day of the trek.

Inspired by Nature's artwork.

Screen Shot 2022-01-03 at 18.43.09.jpg

This series seeks to enhance a seamless, natural layout. That is why compositions are primarily focused on curved lines instead of the usual and more conventional straight grid patterns. I found myself cropping the images while overlaying the well-known 'Golden Spiral' ratio. At the end of the day, ice is one of the four elements and trying to establish rectilineal patterns over the primary Nature's force would be a futile effort. 

Ice Field Series


Consisting of 11 different images, shot in Southern Patagonia.

The footage was entirely captured with a Sony A7R III at 42 megapixels. The photos are RAW uncompressed files. Click on them to expand.


Prints available.

A4 size (smallest) sold as an open edition in triptychs.

A2 and bigger sizes as a limited edition of 20 copies per image.

'Core Pano' and 'The Pass' are stitched, multiple-image panoramas which allow XL sized prints.

Please, let me know if you need another print size or a different aspect ratio.


1- Nunatak

2- Core (Pano & closeup)

3- The Pass

4- Downhill

5- Flying Interlude

6- Verge

7- Collapse (pts I, II & III)

8- Epilogue

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