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Welcome to El Chaltén, Argentina. A tiny village lying underneath the shadows of mythical Mount Fitz Roy and Cerro Torre. Home of colossal granitic mountains and endless glaciers, the area provides sceneries out of a fairy tale. Either while roaming around the remote ethereal woods or hiking across the harsh rocky highlands, the setting is absolutely mesmerizing. Southern Patagonia endeavors framing the astonishing landmarks at the tip of the continent, enhanced by a distinctive autumnal palette.

El Chaltén

49°19′53.069″S 72°53′10.064″W

Los Glaciares NP, Argentina

Late April - Early May, 2019

Lumix LX-100

Cerro Torre, one of the iconic landmarks of the national park, is considered to be the most difficult mountain to be climbed in the world

Autumn's peak

The area contains part of the Subantartic-Magellanic forest, which preserves unique vegetation found nowhere in the world but here. Each autumn, the foliage of lengas, ñires and guindos slowly swaps from deep lush green to ocher orange.

A frozen kingdom

Both Los Glaciares NP in Argentina and its neighbor, Torres del Paine NP in Chile, protect the biggest ice cap outside the poles: The Southern Patagonian Ice Field. It covers a surface of 16 800 km², including 49 glaciers. 

Closeup shot of the frozen Fitz Roy River 

As trails become less crowded by Summer's end, wildlife starts showing up again. Woodpeckers, condors and foxes are easily observed, while pumas and huemuls (the southernmost deer, with a population of no more than 1000 specimens) rarely emerge.  

Ancla 1


Consisting of 6 different images, shot in Los Glaciares National Park, Argentina. Click on the images to expand them.

Prints available.

A4 size (smallest) sold as an open edition in thriptychs.

A2 and bigger sizes are sold as a limited edition of 20 copies per image.

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'Pano Chalten' available in larger sizes.

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