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Meaning 'welcome!' in Papiamento, the main language of the island, combining Portuguese, Spanish, some Dutch, a native South American tongue and also African influence. It is clear by now that such language should be developed in a rather special place, and the spot is no less than Curaçao. Willemstad, its biggest town and former capital of the Netherlands Antilles, has been merging culture, architecture and habits from different parts of the globe for more than 500 years. A mash-up of colors, rhythms, cuisine, surrounded by deep turquoise waters, dry forests and paradisiacal beaches. Curaçao sneaks into the narrow streets and alleys of Willemstad, exploring the symmetry and tropical sunlight's incidence on the old quarter houses.


June - September 2019

Lumix G85 and Lumix LX-100

Along with Aruba and Bonaire, they form the ABC Islands, one of the most popular Caribbean destinations.

Colors. Lots of them

Getting lost in the tiny straats is an experience on itself. The color contrast between two bordering houses is astonishing. Walk by the alleys, that's pretty much it. You will be immersed in a Caribbean fantasy.

It's all about the light

There's a special hour when the sun leaks through the neighborhood of Otrobanda and shadows start colliding against the colorful walls. Endless compositions and symmetries are ready to be found.

Ancla 1


Consisting of 9 different images, shot in Willemstad, Curaçao. Click on the images to expand them.


A4 size (smallest) sold as a triptych artwork.

Prints available up to A2 size.

Curaçao is an open edition.

Please, let me know if you need another print size or a different aspect ratio.

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