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It is hard to explain why, but contemplating the ocean's water, no matter where, gives us the feeling of being surpassed by something bigger. Maybe it is all about the infinite shapes of it, the reflections, the texture, the tranquility and harmony it brings to us. Waves is a special series. Partially carried out during strict lockdown while being stuck at sea, it attempts to bring back the intimate connection we share with the blue during these uncertain times.

Great Harbour Cay

San Antonio Oeste

The Bahamas & Argentinian Sea 

April - December 2020

Lumix G85 & Lumix LX-100

Part of the series was photographed from a cruise ship during strict lockdown

The definitive texture series 

Seeking for new shapes and textures is an inner obligation. What's better than looking for them at sea? Ranging from wide aerial shots to macro-ish compositions, the series emanates a wide spectrum of feelings and moods. Sea water provokes endless and indescribable sensations in all of us.   

Perfect for framing

This is as minimal as it gets. As timeless as it gets. An artwork should let the viewer be the judge, and nothing comes close to this. We have been glancing at the oceans for millennia: looking for answers, asking ourselves about its mysteries, enjoying its freshness, its force... Waves is the absolute ultimate series in terms of decoration and viewer interpretation.

Personal bond

During April, while working as a cruise photographer, the ship had to implement a strict lockdown for well known reasons. There was nowhere to go, airports were shut down, different countries didn't allow us to enter, we the crew members, were immersed in a complete uncertainty while roaming around the Bahamian Cays. This non-precedented situation was the context were Waves began moulding its shape. Wondering at the dark blue Bahamian waters for hours, was the perfect getaway. Every sunset we gathered around with friends at the open decks and enjoyed a unique spectacle in the middle of the sea. We would talk about our families, friends, habits and culture from our homelands... And also taking some pictures of the quite amazing scenery surrounding us.

Ancla 1


Consisting of 8 different images, shot both in the Bahamian cays and the Northern Patagonia Coastline. Click on the images to expand them.

Prints available.

A4 size sold as an open edition in triptychs.

A2 and bigger sizes are sold as a limited edition of 20 copies per image.

Please, let me know if you need another print size or a different aspect ratio.

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